Make the most of your mess | Nicole Nowosad

Hey there mixed media fans! Nicole here today to share a project I made while playing around with some Vicki Boutin Crayons.


I really wanted to create something with a piece of paper that went too far, and this was the result. I decided to trim my paper down into floral shapes to use as embellishments on my project.



It is easy to play around with mixed media techniques and use those playful "messes" on your project! There really is no garbage when it comes to mixed media. Trim it down into strips, punch it or run your "mess" through a digital cutter and make something pretty with it.




I really love how fun and playful you can turn somethung you once thought of as a mess, and make it into something unique and eye catching - one of a kind in fact!

Here is how my project came together:



Sit back and watch how this project came together with a little patience and play;




Thanks for joining me today, see you again soon!


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