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February 16, 2017


Jen Gallacher

So incredibly HAPPY for you. Long-deserved, my friend!


So happy for you, Vicki! Such talent and enthusiasm all in one AWESOME person! Good luck with your adventure! See you soon at Crop & Create!

jean marmo

Congrats! It all looks amazing!

Dorina D

Congratulations to a wonderful designer and great teacher. So glad you've taken the next step and how successful the debut was. Wishing the best in your newest adventure and can't wait till Abbotsford to take one of your new classes and to play with some great new products.


I loved your booth...loved your products...now to get some all the way to Greece....
You such a wonderful person I had a class or two with you in Paris once long ago...so I am not surprised that you are blessed with such wonderful and supportive friends!!!

Shelley Alward MacLeod

Awesome! Love it! Love you 😘


Congratulations! Everything looks awesome!

Laura Gauthier Turcotte

I am so incredible HAPPY for you! I have been an admirer of yours for so long. And to see you arrive at THIS point, with your own brand, and to have the support, and respect of so many in the industry, it makes me happy! To see all those photos--wow! what an experience~! Again, congrats!

Trisha Kelly

All your hard work has paid off. So happy for you Vicki! I wish you massive sales and look forward to what you're cooking up for the next release :)

Jennifer Reynard

What a journey it has been for you! Huge congrats to you and your family for this milestone in your lives!!! I have watched you scrapbook your 2 children over the years, and now you have your own line of product! How wonderful that a Canadian has entered this creative endeavour! Wishing you tremendous success!! :)


I love crafts products, and you have from America, and I am from India. We have many things used in home that made by crafts.

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