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September 09, 2016


Nadine Taillefer

Well done Vicki!


Awesome book Vicki. I just adore the Vintage paper doll looks. October Afternoon had a line similar to this called 9 to 5. Love the Simple Stories line. I have soooo much paper, but I want this. :)


The paper didn't really grab me at first, but after seeing this I would love to make this cutie, Thankyou Vicki !
Would love to see it finished :)

Theresa Grdina

I WANT A KIT!!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous already!!!!

Sue Mac Donald

simply in love w/this kit!! how much?

Anelsie Ramos

Of course I want a kit!!! Love it!!!

betty manghi

absolutely fab!

betty manghi

do you know where i can get this in BC canada?


kit me!


thank-you4sending my kit so quick! love it, picked up some extras the location you suggested to make myself a PLANNER 6x8 and haven't made one in years! you could totally get away with having a planner at your desk as a switchboard operator in the 90s #B4internet #preciousmemories

Shirley Sutton

I know I'm very late to the party but I just learned about you recently! This is a long shot, but are there any of these kits left? I'd actually be happy with just some instructions, since I can probably find some of these papers around. Thanks!

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