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May 25, 2009



Ohhhh what fun goodies you found! I have that same "Player" tin! How cool you got to see Sarah and Tommy in action!! I would of loved to of trailed them all over the place. LOL
Love your "sneak peeks"

Laurie Turpin

oh dude - i feel SO SORRY for mama. how could you do that to her???

I'm going to have nightmares about that "hand" for weeks. do you have a question? someone has a question - a dirty blue hand with no body...

i have a few ideas what that could be used for...(but I'll keep them to myself).

I HEART Tommy (and Sarah too) SO JEALOUS you got to see them...that may have been worth five minutes of antiquing...

Denise Donald aka Bluejeanmama

What fabulous finds. Thanks for sharing. The prima class looks amazing. Any chance of teaching it at the Turtle?


Love your antique finds! What fun!!

Wendy Su-Cole

You saw Sarah Richardson??!!! I'm so jealous. I LOVE her!!!

Michelle Dobbyn

How cool you saw Sarah Richardson!! I lOVE her!! Your finds look super neat too!!! Your Mom is such a great lady, I'm bet she enjoyed herself!!! These kits look awesome too!! :]


wow sounds like a ton of fun! Antique things just have a really cool feel about them :)


I love all the finds at the show. It sounds like a great day with MOM. I can't get enough of those days with my DD.
Love the Prima class samples. They look like great fun. Beautiful work as usual.

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