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February 27, 2009


Susan M.

Have a blast in Smith Falls! Have more fun than work, because that's how life should be.

Susan M.
Mesa, AZ


ha! too funny you posted about House of 3. I just left Heidi a comment saying I'm going to miss it and it's ALL YOUR FAULT! he he.

Sarah Mullanix

Great layouts...looks like it will be lots of FUN!


Allison Cope

Looks like a fun class Vicki!

I SO want to come and be TA's for you and Kerry but I'm not 100% sure I will be able to attend ScrapFest or not. My hubby works weird days and some of those days I need a 24 hr sitter here if I'm to attend. I had a friend lined up to watch him but she moved back to the Island a few weeks ago. Need to find some funds to bring DS with me now. I'm hoping to talk my Mom into paying for DS to come home with me... got my fingers crossed! LOL! Have a great weekend! BIG hugs!!

Stephanie Klauck

Have fun in Smith Falls!! :-)


Hi Vicki, have fun in Smith Falls!!! I was so bummed that I couldn't make the Bug's class last weekend, but my dd had a Ringette Tournement of course in Kitchener, but as you know kids come first! BTW we won a GOLD medal, so it was so worth it!

Stéphanie Pouliot

Hope you made it safe back home!
It was great to see you this w-end and thanks for the great projects! Take care and will email you this week.

Katie Piotrowski

Those layouts look amazing! Lovin' the "top ten" one! Hope you had a great trip! Katie


Thank You Vicki!!!
It was great seeing you again. Thanks for the wonderful weekend - I'm already putting pictures in my mini album. My sister and I had a awesome time even though she needed you "a long time ago" (so funny).
Thanks Again and Take Care
Daphne :o)

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