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January 23, 2008


Sylvie D

Love your space Vicki! And those wall vinyls are so cute. TFS

Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata

OOOHHHH! I have been waiting to see how it was all coming together! I LOVE it! where did the corner shelf come from? and the square shelf thingy? and the baskets? all the beautiful things. it is SO wonderful! thank you for sharing it with us!


Very, VERY nice space Woman!!!


what a great space vicki! especially love the apothecary jars and wall art!


Love it Vicki!

Lisa Jamerson

Your space is gorgeous! Very, Very envious here! So lovely!


Wow, I love it!!! Everything about it is so fun!!!

Heidi Sonboul

I LOVE THIS... I"M DROOLING ALL OVER MY TABLE!!! I'll be right over to scrap with ya!

Layle Koncar

It looks GREAT, Vic! Can't wait to see it in person.

Kimmie Collee

amazing space Vicki Ihope to see it IRL one day soon!! it's magazine worthy!


oh my gosh!!! this is the most beautiful space i have seen!! what a great job you did.

please please tell me where you got the black chandelier????

Amanda V.

I really must know where the 2 tier wrought iron holder and basket next to it came from!!! Everything is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Looks great!!!! Love your space!


i am so jealous, the gorgeous chandelier...i want one so...but too much of an hassle with the voltage difference...what works in the states/canada doesn't always work in China-argh!!! so i have to wait til i am back in the states to have one...
your blog is beautiful...your photography has always blown my mind!!


vicki!! i love your creating space!! it looks so relaxing just to be there! awesome feng shuie going on there!!

Wendy Reed

OMGosh Vicki!!!

Can I move in? LOL Totally a gorgeous creative space!


bonnie b

WOO What a wonderful space. You've inspired me to get some more baskets and really get more organized. What a lovely space to create. Love those vinyl wall birds ....I have a thing for birds so I may need to get some of these. Thanks for the ideas!

Amy Coose

Please let me move in with you. This space is amazing! Totally makes me want to create.

Allison K

What a beautiful place to create!

Leslie Ashe

Your room is GORGEOUS!!!!!!


Girrrrrrrlllllll...you did an amazing job. I am just wow-stricken (is that even a word?)

I love the first photo so much...looks so homey and inviting.

that's it...I'm moving to Canada! ;-)


Your space looks awesome Vicki! Love how it is all organized!!! ;)


It looks so pretty Vicki! I love it especially the black chandelier.


Wow, it is beautiful room! Where did you find that bookcase and hutch comes from??
Good job!


Oh I love this....XOXO Leontine

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