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June 21, 2007


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Beautiful journal Vicki - wish I lived closer so that I could take your class! Enjoy!

Anna Molina-Wilkinson

The mini book is beautiful! Why can't I live closer? Sniff...


Well Vicki... I missed ya in Ottawa... Now I am off to Toronto for the weekend!! But to visit my dad... not too sure how well the following would go over with him "dad, I know i only see you a few times a year, but there is this scrapbooking class i would like to attend..."!! Timing never works in my favor! LOL


Love the mini book!! Wish I could make the class. I guess I will have to wait until Oct!

Flavia Grande

See you in class!!! I am lucky to live in Toronto now!!!!

Flavia Grande

See you in class!!! I am lucky to live in Toronto now!!!!


That is an awesome mini book! Wish I was one of the lucky ladies taking your class this weekend!


Wish it was doable for me to attend one of your classes ... but alas, since I am clear across the country it's (sadly) not gonna happen.
Have a great weekend though, and stay off those ladders!! ;)


Awesome mini book! Wish I were one of the lucky ladies taking your class this weekend!

Layle Koncar

Darling book, Vicki! Good luck with your class.


adorable book vicki!!! love it!

Georgia Capistrant

This is so cool!! I love it.

Joyce Evans

HI, This little journal is too cute! It looks like a project I might be able to do with my middle school scrap club. Thanks


Wow - cute mini book! Wish I lived in a town where I could actually take some classes. My 11 year old niece is here for the summer and I have been teaching her stamping/scrapping - wonderful to see what children can do! Just wanted to share that Ashlyn and I both loved the journal! Thank you for sharing! Judi


love the mini-book...would have loved to join you...i am a huge vicki fan.... but NJ is quite far away from Canada.....if i came all the way there...i would need PRIVATE classes! lol!

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