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June 20, 2007



Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Take care ;)


I had to laugh at the not wanting to climb back down the ladder! I have done that too many times, you think I would have learned the first time! LOL Stairs are always good. :)

Kimmie Collee

soundsl ike an awesome weekend, can't wait til you're in your new place!!! I can't find this book anywhere, and I have been looking high and low!!! miss ya chick


ooooh! I want a chance! Can you mail things to the states?

Heather Moll

:) Please put my name in the hat!
And I totally LOVE that shirt of Devyn's in the last photo! It's gorgeous!


I am an idea book junkie and would love a copy of this new issue. So nice of you to offer!!


I would love a chance at getting that book!!! That is one thing I don't indulge in too often since I have access to online galleries for ideas and inspiration! You taking the most beautiful pictures- or your family is totally photogenic!!!

Joni Kuehl

Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend! when we were building my kids loved to throw the nails from the first level into the basement or outside and guess who had to pick them all up when it was all done?? Yep, me, so they wouldn't step on and then have to take to the er for a shot in their butt!


Maria from Norway

I'd really like that book It looks awesome..


Count me in!! :) Awesome pictures!! I will have to forward you a picture of my youngest, she looks a lot like your little girl!!


Count me in too - I have heard wonderful things about that book. What great photos of the family. Sounds like you all had a fabulous Father's Day! Love your project too. Have a great day Vicki!

laura j

I'm afraid of heights, so there's no way I'd go up a ladder! Thanks for offering the RAK. You're kids are swEET!

laura j

I'm afraid of heights, so there's no way I'd go up a ladder! Thanks for offering the RAK. You're kids are swEET!


I always love seeing your creations - you have such amazing style! (and the cutest haircut ever - you're a doll!)


For a split second I was with ya there on the ladder and my stomach did a flip. I'm sooooo NOT a heights person. Glad you touched down again safely. ;) Would love to have my name dropped in the hat Vic. Very generous of you!


I glanced at this the other day at Micheal's-there are some great ideas in this book!! So, I'd love to be included in your RAK!!

Tracey Kendall

i love your work and love the fact that you are a great photographer as well. You inspire me all the time and l always enjoy looking at your stuff. Keep it up please.


I wouldn't have been able to climb down the ladder either!

The RAK is very thoughtful!


Love all those pictures!!! Count me in for the draw :) Please and Thank - You...


I'd tried looking for this book at Michaels and nothing yet!



Your daughter is exactly exactly like mine...such clowns! Thanks for offering the rak. BTW, just got my copy of SCT..great work, as usual.


Awesome pics, as usual! Looks like Devon has her mother's charm for the camera!

Love your project, will have to look for that mag!

Jenn N

Ooooohhhh, I looked at this book a few days ago and added it to my list of must-haves. I love Jenn McGuire's ideas - she is so creative!


Not a big fan of climping up nor down from a ladder...I really can relate. But, I do love a RAK...so, count me in.

Monique S

Hi Vicki,

I think I am hooked on your blog now since the chat over at scrapbookgoddess.com. I have found myself here every day since ;0). Have a great day!!

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