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May 18, 2007


Cari Locken

Love the sneak peek of your class!
My weekend ... hmmm... we'll I'm working at my LSS tonight, then tomorrow I need to work on some scrapbooking assignments and hopefully finish up with an idea for teacher gift class.
Hope you have a great weekend.


Hi, Vicki, it's Trish Armstrong out here in New Brunswick! I'm loving your blog and your projects. Mark's mom & dad are arriving today form Ottawa so our weekend will be spent visiting. Enjoy your weekend with Rich & the kids!!


Hey Viski! How ya doing? Just reading and saying hello.....I'll be scrapping this weekend :-)

Anna McConnell

Oh, I love the sneek peek! What an awesome RAK!

Joni Kuehl

Hi Vicki, I have been reading your blog for the last month and LOVE it! you are VERY talented... I live in MN and this weekend's plans are visiting my DH's grandma.. it is her 90th birthday party so going to take LOTS of pics to commemorate (is that even a word?!) and can't wait to scrap it! for her bday we (my SIL and I) made 2 memory boards w/all the pics of her and our kids I'm sure she will ADORE it.. anyway sorry for rambling but I love RAKS!! have a great weekend!



great pics! 3 day weekends rock!!



I can not tell you how much I love your scrappy style! I drool over your layouts in my fav scrap mags all the time!

Amy K

Hi Vicki!
You are a wonderful inspiration with all your creativity. Thanks so much for sharing it. I am so glad I found your blog.
As for weekend plans... my oldest one just got home from college and, well, you guessed it... that spells mounds and mounds of LAUNDRY for me! On a good note, that means lots of time to scrap in between the cycles.
Happy Weekend!

Jen van Egdom

Hi There! It's jen here from beautiful sunny BC!! Love your work, it's so full of inspiration! Not much planned for this weekend except some seriously overdue scrappin'!Have a good one!
Jen vanE


hi vicki i am more of a lurker here but i love your stuff and i so glad you won hof last year have loved your stuff since scraptivity! we are scrapbooking this weekend because we have worked our tails off to get stuff done to get the house on the market lol!!

lisa mitchell

Hi, Vicki, I just came across your blog today (I can't remember right know via who, or how, but I immediately bookmarked it in my SB faves ;)
I'm Canadian as well, but live near Barcelona, Spain, where scrapbooking is "in its infancy", so it's a very unique location to be in as a scrapbooker: here it's virtually an unknown hobby (most people here can hardly pronounce it, much less know what it is or do it! ;) Cheers and until next time! Lisa


Hi! Karlynn here, visit your blog lots, such great inspiration - thank - you!! Hope you have a great long weekend ----gotta love long weekend!


Hi Vicki,
I am Jordan from UT! This weekend i will be attending a wedding...it is going to be beautiful...and then working in my yard! Maybe i will get a little scrap time in if i am lucky!

Sue Malkowski

Hi! Sue here. From New York!! Found your blog a few weeks ago and love reading it!!! You have some of the most awesome layouts!! Loved your projects at Scrappy Gourmet this month!Going to try and catch up on a few started projects this weekend since it is supposed to rain here--near Buffalo

Kimberly Brock

Hey Girl!
I'm taking lil Karly to see Shrek 3 tomorrow and hoping to enjoy the pretty mild weather we're having. May take KJ to Kings Island (Amusement Park)on Sunday. I hope all is well!

Jeannie Towle

I am new to your blog. I am from Florida and love to scrapbook. I think this weekend is going to be a relaxing one, get my scrapbooking supplies all organized and hang out with my fiance.

P.S. Bought your kit from Scrappy GOurmet. Very excited about getting started on it.


Heather Ruwe

Hi Vicki! Heather here from Cincinnati, Ohio. Love your blog and all of your cute projects. My plans this weekend? Spending some quality time with my husband. We have both been so busy with work that we are looking forward to some rest and relaxation.... sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy life. Have a great day!


Hey Vicki!!!
plans for the weekend....working Saturday, doing dinner with friends, teaching a scrap class and dinner with in-laws. :) Have a great weekend!!


Hi Vicki,

Hope you remember me, we met at the Open Page wholesalers event in Toronto. I was there with my friend Amanda from Windsor. I am the pregnant one - due in 8 weeks. I visit your blog often and find great inspiration here. Keep up the good work. And of course count me in for the giveaway !!

Tracy Rizzo

Just found your blog-I know your work though!

Kristine Davidson

Hi Vicki! I'm Kristine from New Brunswick. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and now make a daily visit!
My weekend -- well it's Victoria Day weekend and rain is in the forcast... that means SCRAP Time for me! I have several projects on the go getting ready for a few classes I teach at a LSS. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy your weekend !!!!


Hello Vicki,

This weekend my husband and I have shipped the kids off for the Saturday and we are going put in a new walkway in front of our house. We have a new home and of course the builder put in horrible steps and a walk. The weather seems pretty nice for this so we shall see what happens. This is such a nice thing that you are doing. Thanks!!!!


HI Vicki! New here.My name is Cindy & I am from Canada- I have been scrapping for a year and a half. Love the pics you did of your SIL. Your Class kit is a-rockin! what a great RAK! Rain here for the weekend, so I'll be scrapping in between episodes of Elmo with my Little Man.Take Care!

Danielle Nilsson

WOW...that class looks amazing!!! Gotta love bling, glitter and beads :)

Not lots going on this weekend. I have a funeral to attend tomorrow (my best friend's brother died in a fatal crash on wednesday). Might take our kiddos to the Carrousel and the Heritage Train ~ they love it and it's only 1$/ride :D Gotta love North Bay!!!!

I would love to win a RAK from you Vicki :D I always love getting new goodies :D

Anna Molina-Wilkinson

The class looks great! I wish in lived in Ottawa!

Congrats on your future niece/nephew!

Have a great weekend!

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