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April 18, 2007



What an awesome way to start the day! I love when Malachi does that too - that early morning cuddle time is always great. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day. Have fun with the designing ideas for your new place.


Congrats on the cover Vicki, and also on the sale of your house. Sounds like a busy time in your life, but a good kind of busy .. enjoy it!


Congratulations Vicki!!! The layout looks awesome, can't wait to get my copy :)


Congrats Vicki!!
Yes, I too have been thinking more lately at how blessed I am.


Ummm...yeah. A few other things in the magazine?? It's the Vicki Boutin edition!! Congrats on the cover friend!


Ummm...yeah. A few other things in the magazine?? It's the Vicki Boutin edition!! Congrats on the cover friend!


What a great way to start your day. Remember some other little one crawling into bed to snuggle and TALK!!!
Congrats on the cover, can't wait to see the rest of this magazine.


congrats!!! that's awesome! such a cute layout!!

jill s


your so suber...uber...talented....i want to be just like you when i grow up..:) :) :).....love the layout..congrats my friend...
xo xo


Congrats on the cover! It's awesome.

Have a great day
Tania (Scrapmode)


oh man, I am so with you on that- I want to keep the kids right by my side and not let them anywhere into the world without me. I have been struggling with the first letting go all year (my daughter's last year before Kinder). I know it's healthy for them to go- but yuck. As a mom, it's just yuck. How nice to have cuddly mornings together! My boy is my cuddler too- my girl shakes it up and turns the fun into crazy times too- isn't it silly how they dynamic changes in an instant? Hope you have millions of terrific new memories in your new home!

Kimmie Collee

congrats Vicki!!

Kimberly Brock

Way to go Vicki!! It's a Beautiful Cover :)


Congrats on the cover!

patti thompson

congrats on the great cover!

Rhonda Steed

Here the megazine is full of you this round. Super happy for you. You seem to be on top of the Scrapbook world lately. :) Congrats!!!

Danielle Nilsson

Congrats Vicki!!!!!



Congrats my friend. I just got a copy of this month's mag and you are all over the place! The LO is awesome! C


congrats vicki! beautiful layout...can't wait to get my copy!

Layle Koncar

Awesome cover, Vicki! Sam does the same thing in the mornings that Riley does. And I love it. Such sweet boys we both have!

Looking forward to your visit, counting down the days... :)

maggie Holmes

congrats on the cover! awesome layout!!

Danielle Nilsson

Just got my copy and it's absolutely AMAZING!!!! You're so inspiring :D


Congrats on the cover!! It was SO NICE to meet you this weekend! Wish it could have been for a longer period of time! :) Take care.

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